Wyckoffanalytics – Point-And-Figure Part I: Setting Price Targets Using Wyckoff Point-And-Figure Projections

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Point-And-Figure Part I

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Point and Figure Charts Part IThe First Step Into Wyckoff Methods developed by Wyckoff Analytics

All you need to acquire the high levels is a firm footing of fundamentals. The foundation of Wyckoff methods is the law of Cause and Effect. Thus, Point and Figure Charts Part I extracts the insights into Cause and Effects with the fundamental P&F count guidelines and its variations in alignment with the modern market. Consequently, you learn how an appropriate Wyckoff Point and Figure is drawn. 

Besides, Point and Figure Charts Part I walks you through the P&F Phase Analysis to project both short and long – term price objectives so you can make optimal short and long trades accordingly. You will also be instructed to utilise P&F counts and bar charts to get the optimal entry time. The Course is a prelude to another two parts of Point and Figure Charts, which equips you with the basics to acquire the advanced level of Wyckoff methods.  

About Wyckoff Analytics

Wyckoff Analytics
Wyckoff Analytics

The time – tested effects of Wyckoff techniques still fascinate many traders and researchers so much that these people are called Wyckoffians. Wyckoff Analytics is believed to be one of the best hubs where you can find the in – depth research of Wyckoff methods and their adaptation to the modern trading markets. Roman Bogomazov, the man behind the growth of Wyckoff Analytics, has been professionally trading for over 20 years. His consistent profitable performances have undelied the contribution of Wyckoff methods because he has researched and applied these techniques to his personal trading career. 

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