Wyckoffanalytics – Point-And-Figure Part I + II + III

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Wyckoffanalytics – Point-And-Figure Part I + II + III

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Fulfilling Learning Experience with Theory and Practice of Wyckoff Point & Figure Charting Full Course – Part I + II + III

The root is where a tree can grow, which makes the importance of getting the fundamentals gain the spotlight in the Wyckoff Point and Figure Charting – Three-Course Bundle. The law of Cause and Effect is the soul of Wyckoff Point and Figure so it is put under the microscope in the first part of this series. The walk – through of the fundamentals of P&F counts based on Cause and Effect law is provided in conjunction with the contextualisation of Wyckoff Point and Figure in the modern market. Moreover, you learn how to conduct the P&F Phase Analysis to pinpoint short and long – term target prices for profitable entry time and the viable strategy setups. 

Taking advantage of the fundamental knowledge served in part I, Point & Figure II upgrades to the higher level of understanding and applications. The real case studies and insightful exercises are offered in the Wyckoff Point and Figure Part II to get your feet a little wet with the practice of Wyckoff methods. The variety of examples simulate how to utilise Point & Figure in different time frames such as swing, intraday and long – term campaigns. Besides, Wyckoff Analytics mentors have shown the modifications of classic the Wyckoff course  to catch up with the fast – moving modern trading market. 

The fulfilling experience with Point & Figure Charting – Three-Course Bundle starts with a finishing touch of the third part. The extension of intensive curriculums focuses on the practical application of this Wyckoff method, which breathes the realistic air to the whole series. There are three subdivisions of Point & Figure II that expounds the theory through the real – time trading and actual trading examples. The application of Point & Figure in all time frames is illustrated by Wyckoff Analytics experts with live trading sessions. The specific tactics and strategies are pointed out to leverage different time frames and the market situations. 

About Wyckoff Analytics

Richard D Wyckoff

Wyckoff techniques extracted from the insights, which Richard D. Wyckoff conducted research and observation to draw, still has a profound impact on the modern trading market. Wyckoff Analytics is one of the top ‘interpreters’ that help translate Wyckoff methods into the accessible language for the modern traders. The in – depth research is shown in many Wyckoff Analytics courses along with the modifications. Almost all the topics of Wyckoff methods are covered in the comprehensive curriculums, such as tape reading, point and figure charting, etc. You can get access to Wyckoff Analytics knowledge and skills via online video courses, webinars, live trading sessions.

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