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Meet The CEO

Hi, my name is Quillan Roberto Black. I was born in Mandeville, Jamaica. I’m a 26 years old Entrepreneur who has always believed that working a 9-5 job isn’t the right way to live life to the fullest. After watching so many people follow the traditional path of earning income, I realized that they missing out on what life really has to offer.

Wall Street Academy

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What you’re getting when you enroll onto WallStreet Academy a full mentorship provided from Quillan Black (Cue). And full access to my main group Forever In Profit. Wall Street Academy focuses on one trading style material only from Quillan Black, when there’s Forever In Profit which has 3 trading styles. Forever In Profit is the combination of Quillan Black, Ryan Gilpin, and Rico Villarreal.

There are 1000s of ways to make money in the markets, so when it comes to trading. Forever In Profit gives you three different perspectives on how to become a profitable trader based off different trading styles.

Wall Street Academy contains a full online educational platform that gives you step by step phases that educates you on how to trade. There no prior knowledge needed to enroll. Wall Street Academy goes over Psychology training, steps to set up the platform onto your device, technical analysis training phases, past recorded webinars, and downloadable files.

You’ll also have access to the Wall Street Academy Facebook and Forever In Profit group pages, periodic webinars, telegram chats, and any future implement of the groups.


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