W.D. Gann’s – Private Ephemeris 1941-1950


W.D. Gann's - Private Ephemeris 1941-1950


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Author: W.D. Gann’s

William Delbert Gann is perhaps the most mysterious of all the famous traders in history. Known for using geometry, astrology and ancient mathematics to predict events in the financial markets and historical events, Gann’s trading strategies are still widely used today, long after his death in 1955.

Early Life of W.D. Gann

W.D. Gann was born in 1878 in Lufkin, Texas, the first of 11 children in an impoverished cotton-farming family. He neither graduated from grammar school nor attended high school as he was needed at home to work on the farm. His education mainly came from the Bible (he was raised a Baptist), which he used to learn to read and in the cotton warehouses, where he learned about commodities trading. Gann started his career working at a brokerage firm in Texarkana and attending business school at night.

Private Ephemeris 1941-1950

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W.D. Gann’s Private Ephemeris 1941-1950

Within the book many clues to Mr. Gann’s methodology can be found. The publication has copious annotations, notes and ink markings in various colors-all of which combine to give us an insight into the genius of this great man. Most significantly he demonstrates one of his major timing techniques for prediction. This pinpoints turning points during the course of the Second World War. Other notes refer to events in his life including the date he was elected to the CBOT.

It is also known that he successfully predicted lottery numbers on several occasions and this too can be gleaned from this set of planetary tables.

Whilst the publication itself is based on geocentric planetary positions, Mr. Gann also annotates significant heliocentric timings alongside. Many other gems are to be found within.

This is an absolute must for serious students of the work of W.D. Gann.

It is possible to see how he used these timing techniques to carry out many of his well-documented trades.

You will be able to learn through the master. Using his notations, you will be able to study past markets and determine what is important to your own trading and forecasting. Note that you must know how to use an Ephemeris- no lessons are included at this time.

W.D. Gann used the Ephemeris for his own study throughout his life. It is not something he studied early on and gave up-he used this Ephemeris throughout his life.

In the 1950’s, when Mr. Gann had these individual volumes rebound in 5 and 10 year sets, the edges were cut to make the book uniform. This unfortunately cut off 1/4 inch of some of W.D.’s notes. We have left extra margins in our reprinting to allow you to “fill in the blanks”. See the included picture to view one of the trimmed edges.

Please note that $28.80 of the price of Gann’s Personal Ephemeris will go to registering your copy. Given the nature of the content of this publication, a legal agreement is required to purchase this. Please consider the content very carefully as we will be enforcing all copyrights in a very strict manner.

Only 400 copies of W.D.Gann’s Private Ephemeris will ever be made.

If you are really nice, you may choose which numbered edition you would like-let us know. Of course, low numbers are already gone.


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