W.D.Gann – Master Commodities Course


W.D.Gann - Master Commodities Course


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W.D.Gann – Master Commodities Course

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This course gives you a number of different trading techniques and skills. Which include: charting, chart interpretation, using Gann Angles, Squaring Price and Time, using Gann Squares, Square of Nine, Gann Numbers, Gann Calculators and more. This course consists of Gann’s original course he sold in the early 1950’s for a reported $5,000.

Here is a listing of the subjects covered in this Course:

Speculation; a Profitable Profession.

Mechanical Method and Trend Indicator

Rules for Trading in Grains

The Basis of My Forecasting Methods for Grains

Forecasting by Time Cycles.

The Basis of My Forecasting Method for Cotton

Mechanical Method and New Trend Indicator for Cotton

Cash and May Soybean Futures

Master Egg Course

Master Charts

Supplement Section


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