Tristan Edwards – Technical Analysis – What, Why, When?


Tristan Edwards – Technical Analysis – What, Why, When?


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Tristan Edwards – Technical Analysis – What, Why, When?

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Tristan worked for Goldman Sachs Asset Management (GSAM), Brevan Howard and Trafalgar Capital before setting up his own Hedge Fund and running it out of Singapore in 2013.

Tristan was the only Hedge Fund Manager in Asia to raise over $100mln from investors in 2013 for his fund.

In the vast majority of Professional Trader Systematic Processes when trading Financial Markets, Fundamentals are used. This however doesn’t mean that Technicals do not have a place in an overall Systematic Process and are not useful. They are useful and they do have a specific purpose.

Tristan begins by showing you and then shows which Technical, Price Action Indicators are used by Professional Traders most often. Why they are used and how they are used by Professional Traders.

Tristan also shows you in this Video his own personal biases when constructing Charts. Which Indicators he personally finds the most useful and how he tailors them to his advantage.

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