Tradingmarket – Summer 2013 TradingMarkets Swing Trading College

$34.97 $1,500.00

Tradingmarket - Summer 2013 TradingMarkets Swing Trading College

$34.97 $1,500.00

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Tradingmarket – Summer 2013 TradingMarkets Swing Trading College

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Here Are Some of the “Lessons” You Will Learn from Swing Trading College:

    • Understanding the How’s and Why’s of Trading with
      Quantified Research

      — How to trade systematically, like many of the top performing hedge fund money managers do.
      — The four benefits of model-driven trading.
      — The single best order placement rule that will have the largest impact in your swing trading.
    • How to Identify and Execute High Probability Pullbacks
      –How to find the best stocks and ETFs to trade long each day
      — A powerful strategy to trade high quality S&P 500 stocks in a systematic manner (see the S&P Selective test results below.)
    • The Importance of Shorting
      — Why you should have strategies to short stocks.
      — A 6-rule strategy that identifies specific overbought stocks to short.
      — A specific & systematic short-selling method that has shown model-driven positive gains for 18 consecutive years.
    • Why ETFs are the “Market of Choice” for Professional Traders
      — How to apply the Deep Pullback ETFs strategy (see below.)
      — How to take advantage of declining markets with Inverse ETFs.
      — Trading ETF Options.
      — How to “scale into your positions” like the top professionals do.
      — Building a balanced ETF portfolio.
    • Why Volatility Products are Gaining in Popularity and Why You Should Trade Them.
    • How to Use Options to Bring in Additional Monthly Income.
      — How to use a quantified approach with Options trading
      (no complicated formulas or “greeks”.)
    • How to Build Your “Personal Trading Business”
      — Writing an integrated business plan for your swing trading business.
      — How to set specific target-driven goals.
    • 20 Ways to Improve Your Trading Performance.
      — How to protect your portfolio with proper risk management tools.
    • — The importance of “trading psychology”.



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