Tradingeducators – Pure Simplicity in Trading Options

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Pure Simplicity in Trading Options

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Each trader has their own market specialty and can assist you with all the tough questions. You’ll be asking yourself why you waited this long to invest in yourself.

Pure Simplicity in Trading Options

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Trading Option Boxes in sideways markets

Learn what Option Boxes are, and how to use them in sideways markets. You will immediately discover one of the concepts every trader must master: how to know when prices are moving sideways. It is said that prices trend only 15% of the time. You need to know how to trade in sideways markets because prices present themselves that way 85% of the time.

You will find out how to build an Option Box. It all starts with creating one side of the box when prices are close to the top or bottom of a consolidation area, and it ends up with “closing” the box when prices are at the opposite side of the consolidation. The beauty of the Option Box is that once you’ve closed the box, there is no way you can lose unless you open it before the options are set to expire.


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