Tradingdominion – Portfolio Margin and SPAN Margin Trading Tactics

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Tradingdominion - Portfolio Margin and SPAN Margin Trading Tactics

$64.97 $1,475.00

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Tradingdominion – Portfolio Margin and SPAN Margin Trading Tactics

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I was fortunate enough to not fall into the traps that a lot of newbies fall for, in part due to Ron’s videos and group chat discussions. His trade setups such as STTs are very creative and his explanations are very clear. Ron’s weighted vega presentation was certainly was very educational and it cleared (via historical trades) a lot of the common misconceptions. He also mentioned a kite adjustment which saved me some pain. I would highly recommend Ron as a mentor as there’s a wealth of knowledge to extract from him.
Avatar Man2
Aditya N.USA

I’ve received many valuable trading insights from Ron Bertino. His understanding of successful trading strategies and disciplines is both deep and broad at the same time. Options trading is a unique investment sector and requires quantitative as well as conceptual understanding to become consistently profitable. Ron is able to describe complex and interrelated ideas in a clear and simple manner.
He also digs deeply into the concepts to get a handle on the correlations between price, Greeks and trade structures. I highly recommend your attention to his trading thought processes and market wisdom.
Dennis J
Dennis Johnston
West Point, UT, USA

I paid for the full training package at Investools and Online Training Academy.

He can tell you the model shortcomings and which model to use for which purpose. He is a master back tester and gains his insight from trading, testing and not guessing. I am quite active in multiple trading groups and the traders I most look up to also look up to Ron. Ron understands options, the Greeks and back testing better than any other advisor or trainer I am aware of. He understands the relationships better than the tool models in TOS, OptionVue, or ONE. He has developed multiple trades that are far and away the best for their purposes. I look forward to Ron setting up his advisory and related tools and training.
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Bart W.
Soquel, CA, USA

Learn trades which have been specifically designed to take advantage of portfolio and SPAN margin.
Increase your returns and have much more safety.

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