Trading123 – Crude Oil Program Trading Secrets


Trading123 - Crude Oil Program Trading Secrets


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With the autotrader you will get in the trend and catch 70 to 88% of the major move. We provide a detailed autotrader manual and access to online video library that gives step by step instructions on how to use the software. Email support 24/7 should you have any questions. The Trading123 AutoTrader manages, enters and exits all trades automatically. There are no free trials, we spent several years developing the software and its for serious traders only. All software sales are final, any questions email us or visit our FAQ page.

Crude Oil Program

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Trading Systems

Traders we have Automated trading systems for Ninjatrader 8. Algorithmic Strategies for trading futures or stocks. As you see the NQ trade on the right shows that were trading 3 contracts and the autotrader uses unmanaged orders.

Precise entries with the autotrader, trade multiple futures, uses NinjaTrader unmanaged mode, a lifetime of free upgrades, and one-time fee. For over 16 years we have designed custom indicators and strategies for traders. Never second guess a trade again with automated trading. Let the robot do all the trades for you. Precisely accurate, never hesitates, no second-guessing fully automated hands-free trading.


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