Kevin Haggerty – ”Trading With The Generals 2003-2004” Training Course

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Author: Kevin Haggerty

he is researching the intersection of biological and environmental risks for drug abuse in a study that focuses on emerging adults. He has also been an active collaborator with other research groups, including Iowa State University’s Partnerships in Prevention Science Institute and Boy’s Town of Omaha, Nebraska

Trading With The Generals 2003-2004

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 The Generals: Learn How to Recognize and Trade With Them

Who are the Generals and why are they important to you as a trader?

The Generals are large mutual funds, major money managers, and broker/dealers. They are important to you because they are the ones who move the markets.

This knowledge, together with the strategies and advanced tools I teach you, will enable you to trade both sides of the market in any environment. It matters little whether you are trading during bull or bear markets.

Kevin Haggerty Trading With The Generals Course Outline and What You Will Learn….

  1. The Generals: Learn How to Recognize and Trade With Them
  2. My Core Framework
  3. Trading within the Framework: Sequence Trading
  4. about…
  1. My Core Framework

To be a successful trader over time, you must have a solid framework of how the markets react, and their underlying price relationships. Once you have this, you can develop trading/investing styles that emanate from that structure.

And here is the key point: There is nothing subjective about this Core Framework. It is based on market facts and relationships that are proven over decades of market action and my own observations of their primacy.

It is the best way to develop enough conviction and confidence to pull the trigger on the high-probability trades that you will generate from my sequence method of trading.

You will learn:

* How to trade powerful moves fueled by program traders. I will teach you the easy but explosive Slim Jim strategy to enter intraday breakouts that are triggered by program traders during certain hours of the day.

How you can use options with some of my most powerful strategies. I will explain several options strategies that are very effective with my patterns.



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