TradeSmart University – Trader Conditioning Bootcamp

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TradeSmart University - Trader Conditioning Bootcamp

$36.97 $895.00

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TradeSmart University – Trader Conditioning Bootcamp

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Trader Conditioning Boot Camp

Trading is a skill. It’s not magic, it’s not luck and there is no pixie or crystal balls available. Jumping into the market without training is equally as foolish as scuba diving without some education! It’s only a matter of time until you run into problems in both instances.

Trader Conditioning Bootcamp is your chance to discover the difference that makes the difference. Come discover why some traders go on to get rich while others simply get tired and discouraged.

Class Breakdown

Trader Conditioning Bootcamp guides you through a series of 4 critical phases in your trading skill building. From start to profit, you will experience it all! You will also discover the 3 key areas of mastery required for peak performance in trading. When completed, you will have a set of skills and a level of mastery that is prepared for anything the market throws at you. This class is a must for anybody serious about profiting in the market.

Bootcamp is a unique format that combines instruction with practicum. It is about “getting your hands dirty!” Said differently, you will first understand the theory and science, and then you will gain the experience as you take action.

From understanding the dysfunctional trading loop the vast majority of traders are stuck in to creating guardrails to protect you from yourself, Bootcamp will give you everything you need to create a highly successful (and intentional!) trading plan.

The number 1 comment from students who complete bootcamp is “I should have done this a long time ago!” It’s that life-changing. Don’t delay!

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