Tradeguider – Top 20 VSA Principles & How to Trade Them


Tradeguider - Top 20 VSA Principles & How to Trade Them


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Tradeguider – Top 20 VSA Principles & How to Trade Them

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2. The Complete VSA System Explained

  • This book takes you through the complete VSA Methodology
  • In addition it covers VSA sequences
  • Takes the VSA methodology another step closer to automated trading
  • Includes a VSA glossary

In this book we explore the next stage – VSA sequences

Through his years of trading and his experience of trading in harmony with the “Smart Money”, author and professional trader Gavin Holmes has taken the Volume Spread Analysis methodology another step closer to the automated trading system every trader dreams of.

By combining separate, discrete VSA Signals in to a coded sequence Gavin has been able to produce a series of very high probability, low risk trading setups which use set sequences of VSA indicators.

For the first time the sophisticated world of VSA just got a whole lot easier to use in a practical trading environment.

The book describes these sequences and how they work. It also provides a complete glossary of the VSA principles.

Price – $24.95

1. Trading in the Shadow of the “Smart Money”

  • EXPLOSIVE book reveals how all markets are moved by the “Smart Money”
  • Shows you how you can trade in harmony with the big players
  • The book is a revelation to new and experienced traders and investors
  • Over 200 pages featuring full color charts

Explosive new book reveals how all markets are moved by the “Smart Money” hedge funds and trading syndicates

In the book professional trader Gavin Holmes shows traders and investors how they can trade in harmony with the big players to “Even the Odds” .

The book explains in easy-to-understand language how all markets work, how that activity can translate into information on the chart and then shows you simple, but effective trading strategies and set up’s to help you conquer the trading challenge.

With over 200 pages featuring full color charts, this book is a revelation to new and experienced traders and investors – whatever market they trade.

Price – $49.95

3. Master the Markets

  • EXPLOSIVE book reveals how all markets are moved by the “Smart Money”
  • Shows you how to decode the invisible buy and sell signals that only the professionals understand
  • Over 230 pages crammed full of charts
  • Shows you how you can trade in harmony with the big players to “Even the Odds”

Tom Williams – the only syndicate trader in the world to author a book that reveals how “Smart Money” influences the markets.

Imagine you could know in advance which way the market was going to move.

You’d know in advance what the next significant market move was going to be.

With this knowledge you’d be able to predict the ups and downs and profit accordingly.

It’s every trader’s dream …

The ability to buy at the bottom of the market and sell at the top.

Would you use it?

Of course you would!

You see, no matter what they do, the professionals can never hide their true intentions. They may be leading the market, but they leave tell-tale signs for anyone with the right knowledge to follow.

It doesn’t take a great leap of logic to see how you could use this information to your advantage…

Ultimately it means that all other factors – including the fundamentals of a company, the management, the strength of the dollar and interest rates, simply aren’t important in your analysis. Ditto for newspaper financial columns, investment journals, broker recommendations and television coverage.

The only truly important consideration for you is what the professional money is doing – that is the only thing that matters.

Price – $39.95

4. Supercharge Your Trading & Investment Account with Wyckoff / Volume Spread Analysis

  • Goes well beyond the basics of Wyckoff Volume Spread Analysis
  • Introducing trading strategies using options
  • Explains in detail the traps that get the uninformed “herd” traders into bad positions
  • Explains in great detail strategies that you can use right now to grow your account

This book teaches you how you can incorporate an options strategy that is over 40 years old with the Wyckoff / Volume Spread Analysis methodology

Danny Younes has been trading options for the last six years and has traveled the world teaching retail traders and investors how to invest safely in the markets using low risk options strategies that several governments allow to be invested in retirement accounts. Danny Younes continues the work of the late Tom Williams, former syndicate trader, and CEO of TradeGuider Systems LLC, Gavin Holmes by incorporating Wyckoff / Volume Spread with a simple options strategies.

In “Supercharge Your Trading & Investment Account Using Wyckoff / Volume Spread Analysis” Danny goes well beyond the basic principles of the Wyckoff / Volume Spread Analysis method, by introducing trading strategies using options that can be used once a stock has been located as a possible buy or sell based on accumulation and distribution.

Price – $49.95

5. Tom Williams Newsletter Compilation – All 4 Vols

  • Each week from 2011 until 2013 veteran syndicate trader Tom Williams penned a newsletter
  • Over 600 chart examples
  • Unique chart analysis from an insider
  • Completely fascinating, absorbing and informative

Each week veteran trader and VSA inventor Tom Williams pens a newsletter for members of the VSA Club.

Each week he presents a blend of chart analysis, explanation of the principles and his predictions for the coming days.

Over the last 3 years he has built up a unique view of how the markets have played out and how the VSA enlightened trader could predict and profit from the market movements!

These newsletters have now been compiled into a collection of ebooks entitled “That was The Week That Was”

For any chart reader each Book is s completely fascinating, absorbing and informative analysis of a wide range of charts spanning stocks, futures and currencies.


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