TopTradeTools – TOP Ultimate Breakout

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TopTradeTools - TOP Ultimate Breakout

$69.97 $997.00

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TopTradeTools – TOP Ultimate Breakout

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TOP Ultimate Breakout

with Multiple Exit Hedge Fund Technology

Easy-To-Use super indicator!The TOP Ultimate Breakout strategy can be used to trade Stocks, Options, Futures, Forex, ETFs, and CFDs. Applications for Day Trading, Swing Trading, and Trend Trading.

Designed after an actual Hedge Fund breakout strategy that we used to manage millions of dollars of real money in the markets.

The predecessor to the TOP Ultimate Breakout strategy helped us win Hedge Fund Star Search honors.

Modeled after actual Hedge Fund Breakout Strategy

Our hedge fund researched many different types of trading strategies.

Our goal was to develop the most effective strategies to manage our multi-million dollar portfolio. We selected a core set of back-tested trading strategies to manage millions of dollars of real client funds, and one of our core strategies was based on the Breakout Trading System.

Our core strategies enabled us to earn the honor of Top New (CTA) Hedge Fund Manager Class with Futures Magazine

Trade Stocks, Options, ETFs, Futures, and Forex Markets.

It doesn’t matter what markets you trade, the Ultimate Breakout strategy is designed to trade multiple asset classes including Stocks, Options, ETFs, Futures, and FOREX markets. Hedge Fund Managers Class in Futures Magazine.

With clearly defined breakout entry and profit target exit levels, there is no confusion about where to enter or exit your trades. The labels displayed on the chart above highlight the breakout and profit target lines in the TOP Ultimate Breakout strategy.

Remove the Guesswork with Ultimate Breakout

Professional traders will tell you that successful trading involves consistently applying a proven trading strategy to the markets over time. Most traders who lose money are relying on their emotions and discretion to determine where to Buy and Sell in markets. With the TOP Ultimate Breakout Strategy, you have a powerful approach removes the guesswork from trading and shows you exactly where to Buy, Sell, and Exit your trades.

Indicator available for Trade Station, Think or Swim, Ninja Trader, Sierra Charts, and eSignal


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