Tony Saliba & Joe Corona – Advanced Real World Options Strategies


Tony Saliba & Joe Corona – Advanced Real World Options Strategies


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Tony Saliba & Joe Corona – Advanced Real World Options Strategies

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Tony Saliba & Joe Corona – Advanced Real World Options Strategies

When you complete Tony’s course, you will be in possession of Tony’s best strategies and methodologies including: How to attempt to take advantage of today’s market conditions, including capitalizing on volatile declining stocks, as well as capitalizing on potentially explosive runaway stocks.

Great news for technology stock traders! Do you think tech stocks are now dead money? Not necessarily for workshop attendees! Tony will teach you his sophisticated strategies to attempt to “suck premium” as these stocks trade sideways and build their bases. While the rest of the world is waiting for these lifeless stocks to recover, you will be able to pinpoint and execute opportunities — week after week. This information alone may be worth the price of admission!

Tony and his team’s powerful “Expiration Week” options strategies which give you up to 5:1 risk/reward ratios.

Tony’s 5 favorite strategies to attempt to increase the probability of your trade being profitable and increase your leverage, while at the same time potentially decreasing your risk.

How to combine overbought and oversold indicators with options open interest to attempt to identify explosive moves. Plus, some of the strategies to use with this combination.

Plus many other strategies Tony and his team of traders use, many of which have not been made public before.

And that’s not all Tony and his head traders will teach you. They will also share with you their:

Favorite high-volatility market strategies to attempt to prosper from today’s market.

Construction of options to potentially maximize returns while minimizing risk. (Of course, options always involve risk).

Multiple ways to turn losing stock positions into winners through advanced options techniques, plus…

Time-frame strategies, advanced spread strategies, applying butterflies to rapidly moving stocks, and many other dynamic methods!


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