Timothy Sykes – Tim Fundamentals Part Deux


Timothy Sykes - Tim Fundamentals Part Deux


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Timothy Sykes – Tim Fundamentals Part Deux

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Timothy Morge has been a professional trader, author, educator and mentor for more than 30 years.

Besides trading his own capital, Tim is President of Blackthorne Capital, a private money management firm that works with several of the largest non-U.S. Institutional portfolios. In the 1980’s and 1990’s, he managed and taught other traders for institutions like JP Morgan and Goldman Sachs. He remains one of the world’s largest currency traders, routinely carrying positions of several billion U.S. Dollars. Tim has taught hundreds of professional floor traders at the CBOT and CME to become successful off-floor electronic traders. He is a regular featured speaker at the popular Traders Expos held around the world, writes a weekly column for MSN and moneyshow.com and gives educational webcasts for most of the Exchanges around the world.


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