Tiago Forte – Get Stuff Done Like A Boss


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Tiago Forte - Get Stuff Done Like A Boss


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Tiago Forte – Get Stuff Done Like A Boss

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Productivity is one of the most fundamental forces in your life – every 2% increase frees up a whole extra week per year.

In this online class, I will show you how to set up and use digital productivity tools to manage all the incoming information in your life, and give you the habits and routines you need to use them together in a systematic, sustainable way.

With such an automatic system in place, you’ll experience reduced stress and information overload, more clarity in prioritization and decision making, and ultimately better performance in the work you do.


To equip students with a personalized workflow based on digital tools. This project is a great way to put a larger, more organized structure around your stack of tasks. By creating this workflow, you will not only do your work with greater efficiency, you’ll also have a sustainable practice.


Systematically capturing and clarifying commitments and responsibilities at all levels
Organizing important information across mobile, online, and physical tools
Decision-making and execution in a demanding, rapidly changing workplace


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