Thinktradethink – PiVVoT Point Method Home Study Course

$67.97 $3,997.00

Thinktradethink - PiVVoT Point Method Home Study Course

$67.97 $3,997.00

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Thinktradethink – PiVVoT Point Method Home Study Course

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The Home Study Course is based on the S&P 500 E-Mini (ES) contract because it is the best instrument to learn how to read a market.

In this Home Study Course, you’ll learn how to use Market and Volume Profile, Market Auction Process combined with Volume, and other decision support tools to drastically improve your trading and, more importantly, your P&L.

Once a trader understands the fundamentals and principles of a market auction, they are able to apply this learning to many other instruments and derivatives.

The PiVVoT Point Method Course is designed to teach you how to become your own market expert so that you don’t have to rely on dubious indicators or opinions of so-called gurus.  This course will teach you how to read the market for yourself and determine where your best trade opportunities are.

The One Month Intensive is 100 hours of  intense training in The PiVVoT Point Method and The Affluence AdvantEDGE.   There is nothing like this available to the retail trading community.



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