thetradingframework – Profile Trading Mastery

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thetradingframework - Profile Trading Mastery

$79.97 $1,497.00

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 thetradingframework – Profile Trading Mastery

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  • I have owned over the past 17 years, but this lack of training in this regard has kept this process foggy and distant for me causing it to be poorly executed.
  • I can only describe my understanding as hodge podge at best with holes or gaps of knowledge, missing important key ideas and feel good at discrete points or certain concepts but fail to gel them all together as a complete cohesive plan. 100% made the absolute best trade in my trading career becoming Mr Kam Dhadwar’s student!

Ronald J Cutaia Jr

  • In this unique product Kam Dhadwar of shares with you his most complete programme to date. You will learn ALL the concepts that you need to understand in order to apply “The Trading Framework”.
  • His programme was originally designed to be completed over 18 Weeks. However we have recently changed the structure so that Each Module is released daily! This allows for Traders to complete the Programme sooner in a more Self Paced manner.
  • The programme’s content is provided in more easily digestible 1-3 hour length Modules and some Sub-Modules, that are provided one day at a time for a more structured process for learning and development. It is set-up in such a way that covers ALL that you need to understand to begin applying “The Trading Framework“. All Modules go into each topic of discussion with immense detail and examples. It is without a doubt the best Training programme we have ever offered and it is also going to be the most life changing Coaching Programme for anyone that is a Trader or on the journey!
  • Over 26 Hours of Training on Advanced Trading Strategies, Planning, Preparation and Mindset Development!

“I am following you for a long time and huge fan of you. I admire you for your conscious awareness and understanding of market, your vast experience. You as a family man, you as a person and above all YOU AS GURU”


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