Simplertrading – The Ultimate Spread Strategy: How to Get Paid to Earn High Premium Profits With Henry Gambell ( ELITE PACKAGE )

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The Ultimate Spread Strategy

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Simpler Trading courses are a series of trading course created by the members at Under Henry Gambell’s mentoring and the team’s combined expertise in trading, the Ultimate Spread Strategy course was developed.

Why the Ultimate Spread Strategy (Elite Package) is one of the top sought Simpler Trading courses

The Ultimate Spread Strategy is a trading course that comes in 3 different packages: basic, pro, and elite.

In all 3 packages, the standard course content will cover Henry Gambell’s guide to generate income consistently by targeting high-probability premium plays. However, only the Elite Package will contain:

  • Strategy classes
  • E-Learning Module
  • The Earning Analysis Indicator
  • Recorded Live Trading
  • Options Gold Monthly Membership
  • EXCLUSIVE: David Starr’s Voodoo Lines tools will only be included in the Elite Package

About the Elite Package:

According to Henry, his course can help traders to break even or make a small profit on most trades, using two proprietary indicators: The Voodoo Lines and the Earning Analysis Indicator. The benefits of using the Voodoo Lines in trading is that unlike other indicators, the Voodoo Lines can show highly accurate long-term support and resistance line. This was made possible by taking into account the data of many years, even decades. On the other hand, the Earning Analysis Indicator can help traders by calculating a multitude of different stats surrounding a particular symbol.

In the Elite package of the Ultimate Spread Strategy course, you can learn how to:

  • Turn a credit into an 80%+ chance of earning more profit
  • Make profit from volatility in almost all trades
  • Exploit the predictable volatility associated with earnings season
  • Take advantage of inevitable options expiration to enjoy steady income
  • Gain an edge over other traders

Henry Gambler – The master of Options Trading at Simpler Trading courses

Henry Gambler
Henry Gambler

As the Senior Managing Director of Options Trading, Henry will be responsible for Ultimate Spread Strategy course. For him, simplicity is always the go-to approach, no matter in trading or coaching. His couching has helped many traders to develop their own decision and avoid blowing up their accounts.

Henry also represents the ideal calm and cool portrait of a professional trader. Throughout his trading career, he has been known for having an analytical mindset and the ability to calculate risks and reward scenarios. Similar to his simplicity approach, Henry always tries to keep his indicators to a minimum, as he is most well-known for the tendency to work with the Squeeze, Ready Aim Fire, and Voodoo Lines Indicators. Currently, Henry is also offering coaching services to beginner and experienced traders.

Simpler Trading – The most trustworthy provider of Master Trader Technical Strategies

Simpler Trading
Simpler Trading

Simpler Trading was founded in 1999 by John F. Carter. Through their history of development, Simpler Trading has built their own community of more than 5000 traders around America. With more than 100 years of combines experience of professionals, Simpler Trading courses have helped countless traders become more successful.  Currently, their mission is to build and transform lives through trading and create one of the most enduring sources of quality.

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SpreadsHG-1-VoodooLinesEarningsAnalysisIndicator-05022020.mp4 - pCloud