The Trade Academy – Simple Profit Trading System

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Author: The Trade Academy

Mission: We teach you to generate sustainable strategy ideas in variety of different trading contexts.
Vision: Mentor and assemble the best trading team in the world.Our values:

Hard work and persistence






Embrace change and adapt

Relationship based on mutual understanding and respect

Simple Profit Trading

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Class Curriculum


Welcome! START HERE (0:36)

What Do You Trade? (Major Currencies) (3:11)

Forex VS Stocks

When Can You Trade Forex? (The 4 Major Markets) (4:20)

Buying VS Selling (3:26)

Getting Started

Getting Started

TradingView (0:46)

Installing MT4 (0:57)

MT4 Full Walkthrough, Entering a Trade, How To Take Partial Profits (8:00)

Creating Your Hugosway Account

Trading Rules (2:54)

Quiz 1

Mindset / Psychology

Goal Setting (8:55)

3 Reasons Why People Fail (4:12)

OPM (2:40)

Emotional Intelligence

Introduction (0:50)

Overcoming Doubt (2:04)

Understanding Risk (5:31)

Change Your Mental Operating System! (6:35)


Broker (0:46)

Spread (0:47)

Demo Account (0:29)

Live Account (0:28)

Lot (1:19)

Pip (0:43)

Commission (0:27)

Bid/Ask (0:41)

Technical Analysis (1:20)

Consolidation (2:51)

Trend Lines (2:26)

Part 1

Candlestick Patterns (3:22)

Bearish Engulfing Candle (1:23)

Variation Candlestick Patterns (3:28)

Morning and Evening Star (1:39)

Moving Averages (0:44)

How To Use Moving Averages (2:42)

Quiz 2

Part 2

Support & Resistance (4:16)

Market Structure (1:23)

How To Use Market Structure (2:40)

Identifying Break of Market Structure (3:11)

Risk to Reward Tool (3:53)

Risk Management (4:57)

Entering A Trade Part 1 (2:52)

Entering A Trade Part 2 (2:25)

Quiz 3


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