Best Trading Strategies Revealed – The Prosperity Trading Course (BTSR)

$220.97 $1,997.00

Best Trading Strategies Revealed – The Prosperity Trading Course (BTSR)

$220.97 $1,997.00

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Author:Best Trading Strategies Revealed

The goal of Prosperity Trading is to provide everyone who wants to succeed at trading with the knowledge that professional traders use each day to transfer money from the many (amateurs) to themselves.

It’s just not right that the few make money so easily, ending up with far more than they can ever use, while the many work hard, follow the advice of the few and end up having taken away what they worked so hard and long for. Our intent is to level the playing field by sharing our knowledge and proven trading system with you.

The Prosperity Trading Course (BTSR)

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It’s no surprise that the market is controlled by professional traders, but how do they manage to stay rich and keep getting richer while others are unable to? Because they control the prices and manipulate the market to work in their favor. Professional traders control prices and end up leaving their footprint on all price and volume charts. Once you understand how professionals are marketing merchandise and how they manipulate the prices, you can too. The first step is to identify/recognize their patterns, all the moves they make and when they make them. Then all you have to do is duplicate their behavior for yourself and achieve the extraordinary results a professional trader does.

If you’re wondering about the inventory objectives of a professional trader, simply observe how they use price to influence volume. Price and Volume are considered to be the only two true indicators of importance. Price and volume enable you to anticipate price movement to trade with better accuracy than other indications. An important lesson one should understand that it’s not buying that increases prices, rising prices are the cause for increased buying. Similarly, it not selling that reduces prices, but reduced prices that initiate the selling. Being able to recognize and duplicate the patterns of pros may sound simple enough, but it is a skill very few people possess despite knowing what they have to do.

The secret to be a successful trader is knowing what the market wants. However, how does one know what the market wants? The market wants what professionals need to meet their inventory objectives. Pattern recognition of how professionals manipulate price and volume enables traders to know what the market wants. You gain a legitimate advantage when you start to align your actions with the pros because then you’re trading on probability. You aren’t gambling anymore; you’re making a calculated decision based on the actions of people who always manage to make more money than others. Hence increasing your chances to make more money as well.


  • Learn how to make smart actions and decisions like Professional Traders.
  • Learn how to gain an advantage by trading on probability.
  • Understand how the market is being controlled and which factors affect it.
  • Learn how to take money from the many and give it to the few.


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