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Complete Case Study Toolkit

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Learn how to find bigger, better clients using great case studies

What if you could stop panicking every time someone asks about your portfolio?

What if you could feel confident and optimistic about sharing your process and results?

Hi! My name is Ben Burns.

I’m the author of The Complete Case Study and The Perfect Proposal, I am the Digital Director of Blind, and I’m the guy who went from selling logos from $50 to $30,000 (we sell logos for a lot more now, btw).

This is my story.

So why case studies? Why this kit?

I can remember just starting out as a freelance designer. I was struggling to make ends meet and I was just trying to find anyone who would pay me to create. Those were tough times.

I remember whenever someone asked me for my website or portfolio. I would give them the link or send them the PDF… then follow it up with a whole list of excuses:

My site’s down right now, we’re just going through a rebrand

We’ve been so busy, we haven’t been able to update things in a while

Just a heads up: most of the work up there is student work

Any of those sound familiar?

Every once in a while, I’d crack open my portfolio website to update things and add new projects… and sit staring at the blank text window, wondering what to write. Or I’d open the project-final-FINAL-r23 folder, and wonder how the hell I was supposed to share the client-butchered results with the world. Especially when my first attempts were so much better.

To be honest, I wasn’t the sharpest tool in the shed back in those days. In fact, I’m still far from perfect.

But I’ve learned a few things since then, albeit from the school of hard knocks, which I’m dying to share with you. Minus the hard knocks, of course.

The first product I made was a guidebook for writing proposals that work: The Perfect Proposal. Thousands of creative professionals have used this to charge more for the great work they’re already doing.

What’s Inside:

80+ Page Guidebook

The Complete Case Study Guidebook gives you the tactical direction and clarity you need with clear recommendations for where to start, how to prioritize information and how to craft compelling case studies.

Client Persona Template

A One-Page Client User Persona Template that helps you identify and speak directly to your ideal clients.

Job Jacket Template

A Job Jacket Template that helps you avoid writers block (staring at that blank screen) by collecting information early and accurately.

Story Worksheet

A simple worksheet that will help you construct a solid narrative for your case study from beginning to end. No more boring copy!

Bonus Content

Blind Capabilities Deck

Blind capabilities deck that includes our services, general rates, and a group of case studies.

Smart Object Tutorial

Video tutorial on how Ben Burns creates and manipulates smart objects in Photoshop.

6 Mockup Templates

Download six mockup templates that Ben created using free photos from Unsplash.

Great case studies help you grow at any point in your career

But what about me? Should I use case studies?

I’m just a student, is it really right for me?

Can case studies increase sales in a large studio?


Feel confident and proud of your work and get a great job or internship:

Send case studies to potential employers so you can stand out from your peers

Use case studies in your portfolio so you can feel confident about showing student work

Capture your internship experience with a case study so you can show off projects you worked on, even if you were part of a larger team.


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