Miroslav N.Jovanovic – The Economics of European Integration

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Author: Miroslav N.Jovanovic

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The Economics of European Integration

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It is of paramount importance that European firms, investors and countries, take into consideration the implications, changes and opportunities of European integration in their decision-making processes. This is reinforced by the fact that the EU has been continuously evolving and enlarging. This textbook is one of the first to cover the subject of the economics of the EU, to include all 25 member countries, as well as several other potential candidate countries. Miroslav Jovanovic argues that monetary union and eastern enlargement have amplified existing discrepancies among the member countries. For example, the introduction of the euro highlighted the different ‘speeds’ that economic policy in the EU moves at. Twelve member countries joined the eurozone, but more than half of the 25 EU member countries remain outside this most profound economic project in the EU, either by choice – Britain, Denmark and Sweden – or by ineligibility – the ten countries that entered the EU in 2004. There is also the added complication of general public suspicion about the EU and a number of its projects.


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