Dan Meadors – The Amazon Wholesale Formula 2019

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Author: Dan Meadors

We had started our Amazon business earlier that year (which at the time was just a side hustle), so I went to our little 250 square foot office and cried for hours. I was absolutely devastated. I didn’t know what to do… Our fledgling wholesale business couldn’t support me, let alone my wife and newborn daughter.
I grew up in the very poor community of Williamsburg, Kentucky where nothing is given and everything must be earned. After my parents divorced when I was five, it was up to my mom to raise me and my two brothers. Even in the bleakest of moments, my mom never gave up. She was a fighter and a warrior, and that’s a temperament she instilled in me.

The Amazon Wholesale Formula 2019

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Website my little pony collectables
Had seen sales via RA
It produced profit but wasn’t passion or saleable
Didn’t have the knowledge to drive traffic etc.
Sold that business for a little money but not a lot.
Private Label on Amazon
1st product successful – good at selecting products.
Not great at listings.
Probably $200K profit off the first product.
But when the competition showed up, they were more skilled.
Outranking them etc. – product dropped off.
1 product fell on the face.
Another one breakeven plus a bit.
Couldn’t get consistent.
Private Label related products
Wanted a way to scale time – found wholesale
Didn’t know what they were doing!
No real marketable business.
Research how to start selling wholesale
Got a list of distributions and went to shows
Got Giant catalogues – were these sellable? Margin?
Margins thin.
Trade show ASD – tried to negotiate but not comfortable
Going direct to manufacturers. – the start of Amazon Wholesale
Dan had a revelation one day. He looked at Eric  – why do I need to carry 55 distributors to see who carries this product?
They just called the company direct and said, “I’d love to carry this product.”
Which distributors carry this product?
Happy to let you set up an account with us when you buy wholesale to sell on Amazon.
How much do we have to buy?
The Minimum Order Quantity was just $250
Discount tiers – placed $500 order – product comes in and then ship it out and make money.
“We’re not looking for more Amazon sellers”
The next hurdle – brands said, “We are not looking for more amazon sellers.
Product already being sold via Amazon – would be happy in a new channel. “
What they were saying made sense – we don’t want so much competition as to create a race to the bottom with price.
One company was a supplement line that Dan had taken – had emailed them. Wanted to get an account to have references.
They replied – not looking for more Amazon sellers.
Called him up. They said – look at our sellers – we have all these huge sellers – doing $100m/a year on Amazon.
Adding value on Amazon to wholesalers
The manufacturer asked, “What can you offer me that I’m not already getting?”
Dan actually knew the product  – something he understood more than most.
Dan said: “Give me 5 minutes and I’ll show you why you should work with us”
Dan’s pitch to the brand owners for a wholesale deal
The listing looks good to Bob.
Now let’s look at your competitor’s page – PL page – optimised, great pics, great title, vibrant bullets, Amazing listing. Great reviews.
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