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Who are we and what are we about? Well first of all let’s address what we are not…

we are not a ‘Get Rich Quick’ fad, or a dodgy ‘Signal Selling’ service.

Swing Trader Society

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Tailored guidance and mentorship to help you along your journey.

If you need added confirmation after you’ve taken the course, you can still reach out at any time for complete and full support! You will not be left in the dark and you will be provided all the aftercare you need in order to ensure you succeed on your journey.

Our success is based off our ability to ensure you are successful – it’s important for us to ensure you achieve your goals!

But… that’s not all, ontop of the 10 lessons you will also receive 5 bonuses!

The first bonus being the Season 1 STS Weekly Webinars, this is over 15+ hours of recorded market commentary, full of analysis, trade setups and forecasting.

The second bonus is our Mini-Market Breakdown Video Series, this covers a broad range of trading topics and content, from live trades i’ve taken using the strategies taught in the course, right the way through to specific trading topics my members have requested.

The fifth and final bonus, is your own goal setting journal to track, record and prove to yourself that you can achieve whatever you truly put your mind.


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