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Author: Suri Duddella

In addition, Duddella, who has published the findings of his work widely, has also appeared on various TV and radio shows and presented his research at various investment conferences in the US. Duddella is also a member of the American Association of Professional Technical Analysts. His first book, Trade Chart Patterns Like The Pros, was published in 2007.

Trade Chart Patterns Like The Pros

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Suri breaks down every pattern into:

A brief overview of the pattern

A description of the pattern structure

Trade examples using the pattern with detailed entries, stops, and targets

Just to give a taste of what Suri covers, you can expect to see ABC patterns, the gartley pattern, wedge patterns, triangles, flags, a variety of channels including andrew’s pitchfork, the donchian, and rectangle channels, bollinger bands, keltner bands, and of course fibonacci bands, zig zag patterns, the elliot wave, cup with handle, head and shoulders, spike and ledge, adam-eve patterns, the round top and bottom, double top and double bottom, gaps, dead cat bounce, island reversal, and exotic patterns such as the dragon, sea horse, and scallops. Again, this is just to name a few.

When I first picked up Suri’s book, I wasn’t sure what to expect when it came to required knowledge. It can easily be said that the more you know about technical analysis going into Suri’s book, the more you will find it easier to benefit from his writings. But, newer traders do not worry, everyone regardless of experience can find something of use in Suri’s book:

For the detailed and advanced investor, apply everything Suri has within. From the formulas to the detailed entry, stop, and target points, maximize this book’s potential with your already established skill set.

For the intermediate investor, apply the general chart patterns and concepts to the trading you already conduct. Use the book and refer to it as you expand your technical analysis knowledge base.

Suri Duddella – Trade Chart Patterns Like The Pros

Suri Duddella, a professional trader of over 12 years sent me a copy of his new book, Trade Chart Patterns Like the Pros, and asked me to give his book a review. I have had the opportunity over the last week to read through just over 270 pages of stock chart patterns, and I couldn’t have been more impressed.

Trade Chart Patterns Like the Pros is basically an encyclopedia of everything technical analysis. The book has more than 60 different unique and common patterns explained in detail; the greater majority with a focus on day trading.


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