Strike Zone Strategy Elite Package – Simpler Trading

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Strike Zone Strategy Elite Package - Simpler Trading

$109.00 $1,097.00

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Triple Your Intraday Gains with the Strike Zone Strategy Elite Package

The capacity of pinpointing the next market contributes the most to a successful day trading strategy, which is the focal point of the Strike Zone Strategy Elite Package developed by Joe Rokop at Simpler Trading. Day trading is one of the most profitable careers as long as the right methods are applied. The Strike Zone Strategy has been proven by Joe’s high performance for years.

The main ingredients for a viable intraday strategy are the optimal entry/exit timing and flexibility. Joe Rokop shows the full history of his trading that has applied the Strike Zone Strategy to illustrate the how-to. The consistency of high trading achievements underlie the firm discipline and risk management.

The technical analysis is consequently put under the microscope in the Strike Zone Strategy Elite Package. Day trading prefers the objectivity which can generate wise decisions. You learn how to get rid of fake signals to concentrate the hints for your strategy setups. Besides, the ability of extracting the insights from the analysis is sharpened under Joe’s instruction.

Day traders gain money by the price movements, which are controlled by the discretionary trading markets. Therefore, the guideline that the Strike Zone Strategy Elite Package provides can help you spot the market trends quickly and adapt the suitable strategy and tactics.

The ad – hoc sessions with Joe Rokop are in – demand because you can observe how he improvises the Strike Zone Strategy with the real – time trading market. The hands – on experiences from live trading is the best way to shorten the distance between the knowledge and practice. Additionally, the Strike Zone newsletter is the advantage of this Elite Package along with the push alerts on smartphones.

About Simpler Trading

Simpler Trading
Simpler Trading

Simpler Trading has been beloved by many traders because of its dedication to trading education. The curriculums of Simpler Trading courses are designed to simplify trading techniques to help traderts gain high profits at ease. Such simplicity underlies the internal power of the Simpler Trading team which gathers many experienced traders. They are actively trading while conducting online courses at Simpler Trading. Therefore, the combination of vast knowledge and insightful experience serve the best to the Simpler Trading members.

About Your Instructor – Joe Rokop

Joe Rokop
Joe Rokop

Blood, sweat and tears are not necessary for trading success as long as you start at the right place. Joe Rokop has dedicated himself to researching and testing many strata wide range of trading instruments for 15 years. Joe has developed his own methods and trading system along the way. He has continuously improved them to adapt to the latest market status. Joe Rokop has had the expertise in volume analysis, pattern recognition and workable strategy setups.

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