Strategy Factory Workshop – Kevin Davey

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Kevin Davey - Strategy Factory Workshop

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An Automated Setup Gets Along With The Market Volatility – Strategy Factory Workshop by Kevin Davey

Besides exposing the already developed strategies, Strategy Factory Workshop by Kevin Davey sheds light on how to build up your own. There is no perfect framework that can work for eternity, with the exception of flexibility based on an intimate understanding of the market volatility. Strategy Factory Workshop is designed with a comprehensive curriculum that starts with a very basic question  of your goals and objectives. Kevin Davey guides you how to gain trading ideas from data mining, which leads to the introduction of his nine different entries and seven sensible exits. When you are sure of what you aim at, the road map is consequently visualised.

The walk – through of Walk Forward testing shares its manual to understand the Walkforward process, including the methods and demos on Stratopt WFP Software and Multi-Opt Software. Besides, the Incubation, Position Sizing and Diversification are instructed with explicit explanation and illustrations. The power of such techniques is turbocharged in the live – trading sessions, where you observe the adaption of stop orders and gaps, rollovers for futures, as well as the correlation of multiple strategies. The Monte Carlo Simulation complements the hands – on experience with algorithm testing to automate strategies.

The provision of some sample strategies is also one of the highlights of Strategy Factory Workshop by Kevin Davey. This module is arranged after the instructions of elemental knowledge on automated strategies. You will find it much easier to understand and unlock the benefits of all the aforementioned techniques. 

About Kevin Davey and KJ Trading Systems 

Kj Trading Systems

Kevin Davey has been trading for over 30 years with admirable performances marked with three trading championships and four best selling books of trading. Kevin Davey packs all his knowledge and experience in KJ Trading Systems, the platform he has dedicated his body and soul to. There are many online courses covering multiple trading topics, including strategy setups, algorithm trading, powerful tools, and so on. The community of KJ Trading Systems is dynamic with the participation of Kevin Davey’s students who have successfully adapted to the real – world trading market.

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