Steve Nison – Candlestick Secrets For Profiting In Options

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Steve Nison – Candlestick Secrets For Profiting In Options

$54.97 $1,297.00

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Steve Nison – Candlestick Secrets For Profiting In Options

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Who Is This Training For?

No matter what current level of experience you have with options trading, you will gain new skills and outlook with this training.
The course is geared to help new option traders and investors get quickly up to speed with both options and candlesticks.
And experienced option traders will gain valuable new skills and knowledge far beyond where they are at right now.
Even though you may have my books, or my DVDs, or may have attended one of my rare live seminars, this is the first ever 100% options focused training program with my Nison candlestick tactics specifically tailored to the options market.

Here’s Just a Taste of What You Are Going To
Discover At The “Candlestick Secrets For Profiting
in Options” Certification Seminar

The first time I have ever revealed these complete options focused strategies and techniques using specifically tailored candlestick tactics for options trading … plus the additional insight you get from western strategies and trade management
Interact with a select group of like-minded traders serious about mastering these skills
I will guide you by the hand to make sure you understand every aspect of what I am giving you… no trader will be left behind!
Beginner’s crash course in options to bring everyone up to speed quickly

The basics of candlesticks to understand how they’re constructed so you’ll understand the more advanced concepts later in the seminar

My brand-new Nison Market Symmetry Option Strategy™… gives you the simplest way ever to find time and price targets
I’ll show you my “Eureka Moment” when I figured out the two basic questions to ask to know precisely what strike price to use for all debit and credit spreads
How to protect your retirement portfolio by knowing when to hedge with these new strategies
Know how to pinpoint when the market will change its trend… so you’ll have razor-sharp option timing
Identify correct support and resistance levels… and even gauge their level of reliability
Read Steve’s mind by determining what option trades he executed in various trade set-ups… and then listen as Steve explains exactly what he did and why
Truly understand how implied volatility affects option prices

I’m about to show you how you can use it to:

…understand the exact candlestick strategies to quickly determine each day the puts or calls to buy, or which credit or debit spreads to do… and most importantly how to choose the best option trade and strike prices for that trade
…start from wherever you are right now, whether you’re a beginner with options or a long-time option trader, and quickly become an expert options timer with these time-tested strategies
…implement these strategies in just minutes a day on your own
…protect your portfolio by learning when to hedge with Nison Candlestick Strategies… and enhance your profits by using covered calls
…develop specific option trade plans so you can use them at the next day’s open

Using Risk/Reward analysis to determine the correct option strategy
How options give you more flexibility with protective stops… to let your profits run instead of being prematurely stopped out
The smart way to monitor and adjust open option positions
My sneaky “Market Chameleon” strategy to know when to leg into either a bull spread or bear spread
The low-cost way to reverse your positions by legging out of spreads
Using time stops to protect your account
How to use the “Crack and Snap” strategy to leg out of a bull spread
Chart Challenges to ensure your brain is programmed with these new strategies… so you’ll know precisely how to respond in your own trading
And much more!
And once you know these skills…

You’ll Be In A Class All By Yourself

Because there are no traders out there using these totally new options skills, you’ll stand alone in your ability to rise above other traders. Quite simply, you will have an art, you will have a talent, and you will have a skill immensely valuable to your trading success.
And when you go through my Candlestick Secrets For Profiting in Options training, you’ll be in the trenches learning these skills and putting them to use.


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