Smbtraining – SMB Foundation Program

$70.97 $5,750.00

Smbtraining - SMB Foundation Program

$70.97 $5,750.00

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Smbtraining – SMB Foundation Program

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Your trader path will include some or all of the following components:

Instant access to the online video series.

Sixty minute mentor session after one month.

Over 400 pages of training material to accompany the videos (Parts one and two combined).

Weekly student webinars to review the nuances of the strategies.

Video archive of the student webinars to study at your convenience.

Individual online mentoring, recorded for student review.

Structuring your personalized playbook and options trading plan

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This program is for you if you’re looking for a systematic, efficient and affordable method to become an options trader who earns money. I say “affordable” because the cost of paying the market to learn can be quite expensive in both time, money and stress if you try it on your own.

We are on the same options trading path. Our mentors are simply further down the road and are waiting to help you realize your goals. The comprehensive online video series, mentoring and the accompanying manual train the trader to create a complete personalized trading plan. The development of this focused skill-set and support from the SMBU community foster the ability required to be a professional trader. Depending on the trader development program you select

The SMB Foundation is a five week, extensive training program that teaches trading skills to the developing trader.

SMB Foundation Program (22 GB)

If you’re like most people we interview, your goal is to be an elite options trader. You picture yourself as someone who can be one of the best, you want options trading to be a career.

The SMB Options Training Program is a unique process of education and skill development. After each student learns the core strategies and tactics, we work hard together to determine what works best for each student. When an options trader and the correct strategy are in sync, the trader will have the tools, conviction and confidence necessary to succeed.


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