SMB – The Time Zone Options Strategy

$101.97 $1,295.00

SMB – The Time Zone Options Strategy

$101.97 $1,295.00

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SMB – The Time Zone Options Strategy

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Now, you can save hundreds on the time zone options strategy by SMB, get Asymmetric Iron Condor and 14-Day AIC courses at $1,495 each and Time Zone Trade and Nested Iron Condor courses in $1,295 each. If you order now, you can get all the courses at the exclusive discount of $4,495.

Why Time zone options strategy is important?

Time zone options strategy by SMB solves major challenges that are faced by options traders, for example, using Positive Vega for risk management during volatile spikes, formulating time zone trade plans to help traders doing time zone trading even with low capital to have steady returns even in intense market gyrations.

Overview of Time zone trading strategy Designed by SMB:

The Time zone options strategy by SMB is designed to help traders with the help of an interactive course designed. With time zone trade you will reap the benefits of Positive Vega. As time zone trade happens for a short time, you can avoid market fluctuations most of the time. You can be in the market for no more than 5 days and with the help of Positive Vega. The course contains two trade plans, TZ1 for the monthly and high-performance trade and TZ2 for weekly expiration cycles.

What you will learn from this course?

  • During this course you will learn:
  • Guidelines and core concepts of the time zone trade plans
  • Profit targets and planned capital
  • Trade exit
  • Trade entry
  • Adjustment options and risk management
  • Real-life market conditions
  • Managing “Hand-offs”
  • Trading tips

Time Zone Trade – Q&A

Q: What are the exact components of the time zone trade?

It’s made up of two pieces, two elements and the ratios are the same, a calendar and a put vertical. That’s how trade starts initially.

Q: Can you trade this on a smaller scale or other indexes?

Yes, it can be traded on other indexes like the ETF as long as there is enough volume and liquidity and premium to make it worth the while.

Q: What creates trouble for this trade?

The good thing about time zone trading is that it’s on for a very short time; you have a whole month where you can end trade where things go wild. Not having to put on for a long and end the trade when things are not going in your favor. You need to look out for Gaps, if you have a large Gap up or down that will not turn into a profitable trade.

About the Instructor

The Time zone options strategy by SMB is designed by Amy Meissner who has over two decades of experience in the trade market. She specializes in options strategies of a high probability that generate consistent returns and monthly income. Amy has taught time zone trading to thousands of traders through webinars and courses

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