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The Extraction of Trading Techniques from 26 – Year Experience in Bruce’s Favorite Weekly Income Plan by Simpler Trading

Bruce’s Favorite Weekly Income Plan is designed to walk you through the best practices that Bruce Marshall has applied to gain reliable returns every week. Therefore, the prerequisites of stock trading are necessary for you to take the best out of the course. The walk – through of three “Institutional Grade” strategies illuminate how you can trade with the Weekly Income Plan (W.I.P). However, these can be applied to individual stocks with some adaptations to additional risks. 

Bruce Marshall shares with you his checklist of trade identification and implementation, which opens a path to scale up your account. Before that, the instruction of strategy setups is provided in Bruce’s Favorite Weekly Income Plan. The guideline of Iron Condor, Butterfly and Calendar Spread sheds light on how to get the right timing and common mistakes. Besides, the risk management is illustrated in Bruce’s Favorite Weekly Income Plan to save you from counting the costs of pitfalls. The reliability of a weekly income plan is what you gain from such extraction of techniques from 26 – year trading experience.

About Simpler Trading

Simpler Trading
Simpler Trading

The fragility of trading accounts amid the market volatility is clearly shown in the Simpler Trading’s courses, which provides you with the realistic perspectives of what trading actually is. Simpler Trading shares with you the fact that it is not rocket science, but disentangles your confusions with the comprehensive solutions extracted from seasoned traders. Simpler Trading concentrates on how to walk you through the elementals and advanced levels with nuances. The simplicity is the key value you can gain from Simpler Trading, which drives their training style to be more accessible. 

About Bruce Marshall

Bruce Marshall
Bruce Marshall 

Bruce Marshall has been working as an Income Trading Specialist at Simpler Trading while professionally trading with high profitability consistency. After years of trading Wall Street institutional and retail accounts, Bruce Marshall has collected various types of experiences and knowledge to become responsive to market instability.

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