Simpler Trading – The Obnoxious Profit Strategy

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The Obnoxious Profit Strategy

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The Future Is Actually What You See Now – The Obnoxious Profit Strategy Elite Package by Raghee Horner 

The Obnoxious Profit Strategy (T.O.P.S.) by Raghee Horner focuses on reading chart skills which make even hidden signals of the trading markets become visible. The hints of the future are actually placed everywhere in the current status, which requires sophisticated efforts to see through.

Raghee Horner shares with you the Simpler Trading tools and indicators applied in TradeStation and ThinkorSwim for much more insightful analysis outcomes. The more insights you can gain from chart analysis, the more viable your strategies and tactics can become.  

Raghee Horner walks you through her methods to get the optimal timing of market entry and exit in the Obnoxious Profit Strategy Elite Package. Raghee Horner has used these techniques since the very first days of her trading so the proven effectiveness is guaranteed.

The Obnoxious Profit Strategy Elite Package does not simply show you the strategy setups but the reasons behind them, which sheds light on the ultimate core of building up a trading plan or method. The live trading sessions with Raghee Horner complement the knowledge instructed in the Obnoxious Profit Strategy Elite Package. The solid understanding of theory is only created by the practical sides, which you can gain from such direct interaction and hands – on experience. 

About Simpler Trading and Raghee Horner

Simpler Trading
Simpler Trading

Simpler Trading has become a close friend with traders, whether they are novice or seasoned. The wide range of knowledge that Simpler Trading has provided through its online trading courses covers almost all the trading topics. Thus, you do not have to worry about what trades you have specialised in. Simpler Trading courses cover Stocks, Futures, Options, ETFs, and so on. The experiences of Simpler Trading teams are taken advantage of live trading sessions which become one of the most in – demand ones on Simpler Trading. Raghee Horner is in charge of Forex and Futures trading on Simpler Trading. However, Raghee also shows a noticeable amount of knowledge and skills about other instruments, with the aid of her long – term trading career. Raghee Horner’s striking perspectives and approach to trading helps her spot the bargain areas to get the upper hand in the trading market.

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