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Simpler Trading - Recipes for Day Trading Futures

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No Perfect Plan Can Guarantee The Definite Future Success but The Chance is High As Long As …  

For the first time, you can gain the instruction from two prominent traders, Raghee Horner and John Carter in the Recipes for Day Trading Futures at Simpler Trading. There is no perfect plan that can guarantee the future success but the possibility is increased as long as you follow the right track of proven frameworks. John and Raghee are both seasoned traders with over 10 years of experience in day trading futures. The course of Recipes for Day Trading Futures is consequently the outlet for their time – tested techniques.

Day trading requires the responsiveness of traders because trading instruments are bought and sold within a day. The rapid loop of speculation fascinates you into the rapid plan preparation, which has been opposite to what professional day traders have done to achieve the consistency of profit flow. John Carter and Raghee Horner clarify what they have applied to achieve admirable trading performances in trading futures for years. Five “tried and true” setups are exposed in the Recipes for Day Trading Futures, which illuminates the patterns providing you the trading edge to win the game.

Elemental techniques that help you see through the market signals are elaborated by John and Raghee in the Recipes for Day Trading Futures. You can consequently get the optimal timing of market entry and exit. Moreover, you are well informed of the Futures pitfalls along with the provision of simple checklists. The neat method guides you to make objective decisions amid the fast – moving markets. 

The “bread and butter” chart pattern is pointed out as the spot to gain the exponential gains without undertaking much risk. Recipes for Day Trading Futures also covers how to take advantage of Futures price action to grab the top – out profits in Stocks and ETFs. John Carter and Raghee Horner shed light on sudden reversals so you will not get blindsided. The signature of Simpler Trading is the sessions of live trading that cannot be missed in the Recipes for Day Trading Futures. You are accompanied by John Carter and Raghee Horner during market hours, which provides illuminating insights into how they look for the optimal trends, price movements, etc. to adapt their tactics with variations according to specific situations. 

About Simpler Trading, John Carter and Raghee Horner 

John Carter has joined the trading community for over 20 years, which has equipped the knowledge and skills in every trading market stage, growth, saturation and crisis. John Carter still maintains his high profitability during his career, which has aroused curiosity about his secrets. Thus, his book “Mastering The Trade” immediately became the best seller on Amazon right after being published. 

Simpler Trading
Simpler Trading

Simpler Trading is an outlet for John Carter’s experience and his proven frameworks. He has dedicated to building Simpler Trading since 1999 and now it rises to the top online trading platforms. John has been well – known for the stability in the strategy setup and tactics application, which has been turbocharged by the participation of other trading mentors including Raghee Horner.

Raghee Horner got her feet wet in trading when she was just a teenager. The success at the tender age did not spoil her but encourage her to take trading as a serious career. Many rigorous researches about the market trends, psychology, and so on are conducted by Raghee Horner. She mixes it with the observation she has developed from her trading market to draw the bigger pictures of the trading market. After years of trading, Raghee Horner develops her expertises in Futures, Forex, Options.

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