Simpler Trading – Profit Recycling Strategy

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Simpler Trading - Profit Recycling Strategy

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Profit Recycling Strategy

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About the Product

Risk is a fundamental part of trading that every single trader in the market has to look out for and has often plagued the mind of many traders. This, in turn, leads to poor trading decisions and outcomes. People have tried various methods to try and mitigate risk so that their trading is more effective. One way the Director of Risk Tolerance at Simpler Trading, Allison Ostrander, came up with was the Simpler Trading – Profit Recycling Strategy . “Profit Recycling” is a low-risk strategy that takes advantage of intraday moves without technically ever triggering a day trade. That means you do not need a $25K account to target intraday style trades.

With the help of this strategy, Allison was able to grow a $10K account to more than $43,000 in just 90 days. The key to her success was understanding the “25% rule” which is clarified further in the course. The point of trading or becoming a trader is simple; people want to make money, continuously. However, not a lot of people can handle the risks involved. This is where the Profit Recycling Strategy truly shines, as it provides you with the means to have big profit potential with very low risk involved.

Main Features of the Course

·        How to “day trade” options with less than $25K

·        How to potentially turn a losing trade into a break-even (or even better possibly)

·        How to consistently make at least $1000 per week.

·        Uncover the secret to risk-free and guaranteed profit option trades.

·        The Compound Breakout tool which is an indicator that helps determine the strength of the setup before placing a trade.

·        Profit Recycling Strategy Class.

·        Recorded Live Sessions with Allison to better understand and master the Compound Breakout Tool.

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