Simpler Options – Carter 2014 Vegas Seminar (Oct 2014)


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Simpler Options - Carter 2014 Vegas Seminar (Oct 2014)


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Simpler Options – Carter 2014 Vegas Seminar (Oct 2014)

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Tony LaPorta

Trade Experience: 36 years professional financial futures trader. Ex-pit trader CME & LIFFE .


Technical Analysis – Tape Reader – Gut Instinct.

Tony has been active in the futures industry for 36 plus years including

membership at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) and the London International Financial Futures Exchange (LIFFE). Tony is an ex pit-trader turned screen-trader. He writes with deep insight providing well-documented and highly educational chart analysis in his daily financial market commentary. With technical expertise and the keen ability to translate market indications and correlations, Tony identifies swing trades for his clients and himself.

It’s a once a year event, and we’d like for you to join us.

This 3 day seminar is the most comprehensive on trading Options in the market today. In the past year, the volatility in all markets has grown exponentially. Because of these dynamics, the Simpler Options Trading Seminar couldn’t have been introduced at a better time. In this 3 day information packed event, you will learn dozens of high probability trading strategies including:

Trading Plan and Market Psychology: Fine tune and build a trading plan that works with Your psychology and personality as a trader. Are you trading the right market and contract size that fits your personality and risk tolerance?

Directional and Swing Trading: Learn how to scale in and out of positions while decreasing your risk, and setting yourself up for those runners that will make your month. Hint — these runners don’t happen in the markets you might think.

ETF and Option Trading: The rapid release of ETFs has lead to multiple inefficiencies in the market. For example, have you traded SDS and ES together? If not, you are missing out on an extremely high probability trade.

Insert new topic …..

And much more…..

Who should attend a seminar like this?

If you have experienced a big loss or blown out your account in the past.

If you want to be around like minded people who are as driven to succeed at trading as you are.

You now find it hard to pull the trigger when it matters most

You need to take some time away form your daily grind and routine to focus on improving your trading attitude, plan and approach.

These and more are what we are going to be working on in this seminar. You will walk away with a clear understanding of what needs to be done next.

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