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Bruce Marshall Takes You Under His Wing in The Broken Wing Butterfly Course?

Broken Wing Butterfly is the variation of Butterfly Spread, one of popular options trading strategies. It is called ‘broken’ because there is a wider side of the long option than the opposite one, which can minimize risks you undertake. Bruce Marshall walks you through how to spot the profitable stocks with the proper analysis guidelines along with some tips of best practices and common mistakes. Besides, the templates of check – lists that Bruce Marshall has applied to manage his trades better as well as make wiser trading decisions. 

The instruction of Broken Wing Butterfly setup is subsequently provided with explicit explanation and real trading examples. Bruce Marshall clarifies why he came up with the steps of Broken Wing Butterfly through the in – depth analysis of trading case studies. Once you can gain the insights from his hindsights, which smoothes the process of developing and implementing Broken Wing Butterfly. The life cycle of trades is mentioned to point out the effective management methods as well as get the right timing for the optimal risk/reward ratios.

About Simpler Trading

Simpler Trading
Simpler Trading

Simpler Trading treats trading instruments with breadth and depth. Simpler Trading covers stocks, futures, options, ETFs, mutual funds, etc. with deep dives into knowledge and applicable techniques. Simpler Trading guides you to see through the market signals with the chart reading skills and respond to its changes by the flexible strategies and tactics. The live – trading sessions and push alerts are propositions that Simpler Trading has developed to add more values to its courses. 

About Bruce Marshall

Bruce Marshall
Bruce Marshall

Bruce Marshall is now the dedicated trading trainer at Simpler Trading after years of trading institutional and retail accounts on Wall Street. Such a switch might be explained by Bruce Marshall’s background when he also had to learn how to trade by himself. Thus, Bruce understands how challenging it is to glean the knowledge from different sources and simultaneously check whether they are valid or not. Bruce Marshall is known for the coherent explanation of trading knowledge and the versatility of the strategies and tactics.

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