Simple Trading – Dynamic Profit Target

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Simple Trading - Dynamic Profit Target

$99.97 $997.00

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Simple Trading – Dynamic Profit Target

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  • How to Pick an Option Strategy to Match a Stock’s Specific Personality and Mood
  • How to Find Powerful Multi-Timeframe Setups (With Only ONE Chart)
  • Crystal Clear Entry Signals that Tell You in Advance How Big a Move to Expect
  • Know When It’s Ok to ‘Chase’ Bigger Moves (and When to Stay Out of Nasty Traps)
  • Identify Objective Exits Designed to Automatically Capture Max Profit Potential
  • Know When to Jump on a Trend Pullback (and When to Expect a Reversal Instead)
  • Instantly Know if a Setup is a Day Trade or a Swing Trade (Before Risking a Dime)Dynamic Profit Targets
  • Discover How the New Multi-Cross Tool Can Trigger Precise Entries for Squeezes
  • Learn John’s Step-by-Step Checklist for Multi-Cross Entries and Exits
  • How to Predictably Grow a Smaller Account (Even if You’re Trading Part-Time)Dynamic Profit Targets

Also included as special bonus:

  • Options Bootcamp ($147 Value) Building a “Simpler” Options Foundation. We’re thrilled to bring you this 6-part web series designed to help build a “Simpler” foundation for traders of all levels. Led by Henry Gambell, Vice President and Lead Content Provider here at Simpler Trading.


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