Sheridanmentoring – Hedged Strategy Series in Volatile Markets – Back Spreads

$24.97 $147.00

Sheridanmentoring – Hedged Strategy Series in Volatile Markets – Back Spreads

$24.97 $147.00

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Dan Sheridan is the Founder and CEO of Sheridan Options Mentoring. He has over 30 years of experience trading options and educating traders worldwide.

Hedged Strategy Series in Volatile Markets – Back Spreads

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Back Spreads

The fourth in the Hedged Strategy Series in Volatile Markets Course. Session will be on Saturday April 11th at 10am CT.

Class Details

What you can expect to learn from our Online Class: Hedged Strategy Series in Volatile Markets.

Class Description: Dan Sheridan has been teaching Risk Management techniques for many years, that he learned in the Pits at the Chicago Board Options Exchange. We started this class with 2-3 different ways you can hedge Credit Spreads against extreme Market Volatility and still prosper. These Hedged Strategies have specific guidelines and we shared those via Power Point slides including all Risk Management. The goal of this series is to give you simple non-directional strategies with easy rules, no risk in 1 direction (you pick it) and limited risk in the other direction. Only 1 possible adjustment is mentioned, and you only would do it in 1 direction (again, you pick it), and I show you exactly what the adjustment would be and when to employ it.

Here is a breakdown of the four sessions:

Mar 21 Hedged Credit Spreads: $147 – 2 Hours 15 Min of Content

Mar 28 Hedged Long Diagonals: $147 – 3 Hours 13 Min of Content

April 4 Hedged Iron Condors: $147 – 2 Hours 47 Min of Content

April 11 Back Spreads: $147 – 2 Hours 34 Min of Content

Class Format: These are On-Demand classes. Once a student purchases a course, an email is then sent, containing login credentials to access the archived class page. Purchasing access to a class gives at least 6 months of access to all recordings, as well as trade updates, PDF’s and PowerPoints.

Class Specifics:

You are welcome to ask questions directly to Dan.

You can purchase each topic individually or save 20% and buy all 4 together.

Each topic will be a minimum of 2 hours and includes PDF’s of class materials.

Each topic was recorded and archive for your review.


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