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Author: Sebastian Ghiorghiu

EcomAlphas is a course created by Sebastian Ghiorghiu who has partnered up with Matthew Bolis – an Instagram expert.

This is Sebastian’s second drop shipping course and focuses heavily on social media. The first course, titled “Shopify Dropshipping/Shopify eCom” is not available anymore.

His first course did not contain any Facebook Ads lessons, which is now included in this new, more expanded course.


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His videos are full of the usual clickbait, which seems to be the norm when trying to promote a drop ship course these days.

The course costs $594 which is a mid ranged course and falls in line with other rather young guns such as Tanner Planes and Hayden Bowles in terms of course pricing. After watching the introductory section the course was created within 6 months of his drop shipping career, all the hallmarks of someone who makes more money through selling courses than actually drop shipping.

The course is hosted on the teachable platform ensuring you can access the members area on any type of device and it will load cleanly. The sales page is the usual overhyped sales pitch we’ve come to expect from drop shipping courses.

I enjoyed the background video until Sebastian claimed on his first day he made $600 from Shopify. How many times do these guru’s have to deceive consumers, $600 revenue for an eCom business probably means $100.

Sales – COGS = Gross Profit – FB Ad Spend – Refunds – Customer Support = Net Profit

This module starts with how to find other drop shippers within your niche and then find out if they are actually selling products. This starts with Instagram, find Shopify store and then check best sellers.

Then it goes down hill, Sebastian recons you can find out how much they are making per month by copying the URL and going to WebsiteWorth and then pasting in the stores URL.

Complete nonsense. It’s a guess at best.

This is then followed by 2 inspirational videos.

Moving on we get a video on how to import Aliexpress product


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