Scottpulcinitrader – The Sweep Show

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Scottpulcinitrader – The Sweep Show

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The Sweep Show: A Scott Pulcini Trader course or how Nic Brunelli gains a leverage on

The Sweep Show is a setup created and tested by expert trader, Nic Brunelli on After many trials and errors with this setup, Nic has mastered the art of identifying real-time a very high probability of support or resistance break near important levels. In this course, Nic will share how this could be done by observing the pattern of order-flow daily to visualize setups.

Although the Sweep Show setup is only exclusive for ES, the S&P 500 e-mini futures contract, feedbacks has proven that almost any trader working with can benefit from this course. As such, The Sweep Show is currently one of the most recommended Scott Pulcini Trader courses.

What you can expect when purchasing The Sweep Show and Scott Pulcini Trader courses

The course will be instructed by Nic Brunelli himself in MP4 format and a PowerPoint presentation file attached. By the end of the course, traders can expect to become more confident in reading order-flow and be able to determine when to trade or stop.

In further details, you will explore how to:

  • Observe liquidity levels, know when a level is getting swept by looking at the pulling or stacking column in conjunction with aggressor’s volume
  • The best environments and what to do in them: trend days (uptrends & downtrends), range days, etc.
  • Avoid staying in a losing position and choosing the best positions for your trades
  • Fully understand and be able to take apply and adjust The Sweep Show setup to your own strategy

IMPORTANT: This is a scalping setup and therefore traders are recommended to use compatible charts and indicators to maximize the effectiveness of this setup.

About Scott Pulcini Trader

Scott Pulcini Trader
Scott Pulcini Trader

Scott Pulcini Trader is an educational website founded by two veteran traders – Scott Pulcini and Nic Brunelli. Using their combined expertise in working with the platform, the duo is now offering one-on-one mentoring sessions for traders, alongside many Scott Pulcini Trader courses.

Scott Pulcini is considered a legendary trader among traders. Using his innate ability to predict short-term patterns in markets, he has profited from trading on average, 10% of the S&P e-mini futures volume. Scott has been used as an example by Dr. Brett Steenbarger in his work, titled Enhancing Trader Performance as a trader who took part in shaping the market. Currently, Scott is using to work with equities and futures. With more than 20 years of experience, he aspires to share his knowledge and help traders to perform better in the markets.

Nic Brunelli’s trading career started in 2007, and was built on trading Forex, options, futures (NQ and ES), and Crytpo currencies. Nic and Scott’s life-long partnership began in 2019 and has resulted in the Scott Pulcini trader website. In The Sweep Show, Nic will be the main instructor and educate traders on how to take advantage of his favorite setup. Purchase now and learn the art of reading real-time order flow in trading!

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