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Author: Sarah Titus

I learned how to live WELL on $18,000/year at that time. I learned that if you spend wisely, you CAN have everything you want and more, no matter what your income! That’s the reason I started this blog.

Best Blogging Bundle

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1) Blogging Binder

You can download and print anytime you need. All months are included and are not year specific, so theres no need to re-purchase every year like other products, thus saving you money! Get the matching stickers for this binder Blogging Binder Stickers.

2) Blogger Stats Binder

You cant just look at a blogger and compare where they are NOW to where youre at now. They are ahead of you, so its not a fair comparison! This 30-page binder helps you see their entire journey, so you can compare the month youre in currently to where they were in that same month of blogging. Information collected over the years, directly from the source (income reports, webinars, etc.) Binder includes four top bloggers and goes into detail of their entire blogging journal from start to finish with as much detail as possible. This is what I use to compare my own growth with theirs to see if Im on the right track or not, and for the first time ever, its available to YOU!

3) Make Money Blogging: How to Find Ideas That Are Right For You

With 4,300 copies sold worldwide within its first month of release, this book answers a question that is on everyones mindjust how exactly DOES a blogger make money.

4) How To Turn Your Blog Into A Six-Figure Money Making Machine

Within 12 months of starting my blog, I had nearly a million in traffic and was making 10k/month. This book gives you the roadmap I created to accomplish this and more!

5) How to Work Less and Create Killer Content

The biggest question I get is how I balance life, a highly successful blog, and kids as a single mom. This book goes into great detail on how I work less hours than most bloggers and still create killer content and balance everything in my life!

6) How to Boost Your Alexa Score Organically

This book outlines the exact steps I took to go from an Alexa score of 16,520,410 to 367,728 in less than two months!

7) How to Make Real Money as a Virtual Assistant

You want to make legitimate money from home to help your family. Being a virtual assistant is, in my opinion, the EASIEST, fastest, and funnest way to make money in the blogging world.


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