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Welcome to the Sacred Science Institute (SSI). We are a boutique publishing house, esoteric research institute and cosmological think tank, with a global network of scholars and researchers engaged in the exploration of ancient and modern systems of alternative cosmology and science.

Pythoness of the East

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Black Suede Hardcover with Gilt Lettering!Exact Facsimile Reprint of Original Edition Published:

1894 212p. One of the four Raphael books on Gann’s Recommended Reading List. Translated From The Original MS. Of The Celebrated Mystical Divining Book, Formerly In The Possession of Her Emperial Majesty The Empress Josephine, who while on the Isle of France, had the whole of her future destiny divulged to her sailed to Europe, and it is an authenticated fact that Napoleon repeatedly consulted this work in matters of vital importance, an extract from it having been found in his carriage after the battle of Leipzig.


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