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Ryan Litchfield – Line Upon Line

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Ryan Litchfield – Line Upon Line

Stock, option, futures and currency trading have a common denominator, TRADING. If you do not have the trained discipline to face the fickle market and act appropriately under what ever pressure may show up on any given day, it does not matter how many strategies you know how to do. Ryan put it all together so to speak, with the development of a powerful and unique training methodology called the Trader’s Forge ™. The Traders Forge methodology incorporates the same elements used to train pilots, emergency and safety professionals to stay focused and follow appropriate procedures in high stress environments.

The Bracket Trading ™ system forces proper planning by using “If / Then” scenarios, set in place while the market is closed and while traders can think clearly. This process trains the trading discipline by intense hands on application and repetition of the foundational skills. His central message is, “KNOWLEDGE is not power. EDUCATION is not the Key or the answer.

Ryan Litchfield is a professional trader, nationally known public speaker and trading coach. He is also well known for his technical analysis and candlestick charting expertise. Experienced with a wide variety of trading and investment strategies, Ryan is also an innovator. He has expanded the understanding of trading psychology and what it takes to win in the Head Games. Ryan believes that you will never take the emotion out of trading but you can learn how to control the emotional response to what the market does.

He developed countermoves and power tweaks for use with spread and strangle strategies. This defensive approach to active trading led to patterning market strategies after the unique martial art of Aikido which stresses blending rather than collision. Aikido focuses on making the appropriate reaction to the market rather than trying to out guess it. Ryan teaches that trading as a skill is independent from strategies. That trading is a strategy; in fact it is The Strategy.

In the end, the only thing that matters is what you can do under pressure.

Ryan’s teaching style is praised for its clarity and use of analogies. His popular maxims include “Find the pattern and play it till it breaks”, “When you dance with a gorilla, don’t try to lead” and “The stock will never listen to you, but it will speak to you if you will listen”. Ryan works hard to make sure his students understand and enjoy the learning process. Students enthusiastically describe the results as “Finally, a way to control the emotion and systematize the process. Now I can just focus on making good trades and not worry about being right or wrong”.

They also eagerly take the training several times. The last six years of traveling the country teaching and training people has been both enjoyable and exhausting for Ryan. The evolving capabilities of the internet now allow for a blend of high quality Web based Seminars and group instruction with a reduced travel schedule for speaker and student. He has teamed up with the finest professionals in the use of technology in education and training. His mission is to drown poof his students so to speak and he is anxious to help all who are struggling to learn how to trade Calm, Confident, Consistent and Profitable. While Ryan is a believer in using emerging technology, he also knows that you have to get face to face on a periodic basis and he is grateful that there are now tools to accommodate both.


Price patterns have the potential to come to life and provide the information you need when evaluating a trading opportunity. Learning how to properly interpret the information may be? the difference between success and failure, making money or losing it. In the Line Upon Line DVD Series, Ryan Litchfield teaches you how pattern analysis can make you a better trader.



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