Ryan Jones – S&P Reloaded System

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Author: Ryan Jones

What I am about to give you is void of filler. Often times, trading strategies sold in the industry have 300 pages to say what can be said in 10. That is not what you are getting with this trading strategy. This strategy is being given with the assumption that you already have a working knowledge of the S&P E-mini market and trading in general. In short, the basics of trading the S&P and Emini are left out. This is not an education course on psychology, proper money management or any other element of trading. It is a manual that gives the rules, illustrations and explanations of a very powerful, yet simple trading strategy that has huge potential for consistent success in day trading.

S&P Reloaded System

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First is that when a pattern repeats itself, it does not do so on a specific basis. In other words, the pattern is much like snow, fingerprints, etc. No two are exactly the same.

The above two statements are true for every system. Traders that do not decide to understand these two statements are doomed to a life of total and utter frustration in the markets…no matter how good the strategy is or is not.

In short, when this system goes into a drawdown, don’t call me or email me complaining. On January 2nd, 2006, I am going to be implementing this system and attempt to beat my previous record and turn a $15,000 account into over $108,000 by March 31st, 2006 (previous record was just over $107,000 in less than 90-days). This is the system I am going to use because I believe it is the system that will give me the greatest chance for success.The specific money management strategy that I will use is covered in the last chapter of this manual.


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