Richard Wyckoff Course – Stock Market Science and Technique


Richard Wyckoff Course - Stock Market Science and Technique


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Richard Wyckoff Course – Stock Market Science and Technique

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Richard D. Wyckoff was one of the most influential traders in stock market history.

Active in the first part of the 20th century, Wyckoff analyzed the techniques of the day’s great traders and developed an astounding approach to the market that is still extremely effective in today’s market action.



Unit 1

Technical Trading Techniques Workshop

One volume text &

supporting exhibits

Three lessons:

two detailed exams and

one practice test

Trading exercise

to demonstrate proficiency

Unit 2

Richard D. Wyckoff text in

Stock Market Science and Technique

Three volume text and supporting exhibits

Twenty-five lesson exams to test your understanding of text material

Unit 3

SMI Basic Lectures

Twelve cassette recordings or 1 MP3 CD covering the basic points of analysis

Twelve lesson exams to identify comprehension of concepts and principles

Unit 4

Practice Trading Phase

Six cassette recordings covering techniques of trading

Judging the Market – Instruction in how to come to conclusions about the general market

How to Select a Stock Instruction in how to determine which stock(s) are best positioned to profit from particular general market conditions

The Practice Trading Phase includes a free three month subscription to the Wyckoff Charting Service and the Pulse of the Market report.

Unit 5

Final Exam

Comprehensive review of subject matter covered in text, exams, basic lectures, and supplements in the Wyckoff/SMI program.


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