Reelhouse – The Voice Dialogue Video/Audio Series


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Reelhouse - The Voice Dialogue Video/Audio Series


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Reelhouse – The Voice Dialogue Video/Audio Series

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Dr. Hal Stone & Dr. Sidra Stone are 2 brilliant American PhD’s in Psychology who between them, have spent over 70 years understanding how relationships & human transformation works.

Their system is called Voice Dialogue and has many wonderful benefits:

  • Discover the many parts or “selves” that make up your personality. Learn how they influence your relationships, self-confidence, career & creativity.
  • Grow closer in your personal relationships and marriage
  • Attract the right person to have a relationship with
  • Increase intimacy, experience real love and increase the heart connection with your partner
  • Understand why you may draw the same types of people again & again into your life, and what to do about it
  • Become very attractive, as well as growing into a more whole & balanced person
  • Learn about the power of your mind over your healthCrack the code of your own dreams, and see how they can become a teacher for you
  • Discover a powerful & unique self development technique that can deepen your relationships, communication abilities, & each aspect of your life


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