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Raymond Merriman – Stock Market Timing

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This is the most comprehensive reference book to date on the relationship of geocosmic signatures to reversals in the U.S. stock indices. It is written specifically for traders or analysts of U.S. stocks and stock indices who wish to enhance their ability to identify critical reversal zones far in advance. With this book, the reader will discover which are most powerful and consistent geocosmic signatures to primary or greater cycles in the U.S. stock market. There is nothing like this book available today. The results are truly remarkable, and will change the way you look at financial markets. This is a book that traders and market timers will refer to for many, many years. It is well written, understandable, and easily applicable. Along with Volumes 1 and 2, this book is destined to become the ultimate reference book on stock market timing.

About the Author

Raymond A. Merriman is a market analyst and editor of the MMA Cycles Report, an advisory market letter used by financial institutions, investors, and traders throughout the world since 1981. He also edits the SOS Special Stock Market Report, which is issued 8 times per year and continually updates the status of long-term cycles in the U.S. stock market, and individual stocks. Mr. Merriman has worked as an Investment Advisor for Prudential Securities and Shearson Lehman Hutton, as well as Accounts Vice-President of Retail Commodity Futures for Pain Webber Inc., between 1986-1994. He is the author of “Merriman on Market Cycles: The Basics,” (1994) “The Ultimate Book on Stock Market Timing Volume 1: Cycles and Patterns in the Indexes,” (1997) “The Ultimate Book on Stock Market Timing Volume 2: Geocosmic Correlation to Investment Cycles,” (2001), and “The Sun, The Moon, and the Silver Market: Secrets of a Silver Trader” (1992).


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