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Raghee Horner’s Workspace Bundle + Live Trading by Simpler Trading shares how to win the best profits through the support of powerful tools and indicators

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Raghee Horner’s Workspace Bundle + Live Trading by Simpler Trading

Raghee Horner’s Workspace Bundle + Live Trading by Simpler Trading walks you through many powerful tools and indicators, which can help you achieve the consistency of profitability. The step-by-step guidelines are shown in the course, along with the illustrations of case studies and charts. Therefore, you can gain practical insights into the application guidelines. 

Moreover, the live trading sessions with Raghee Horner are a big plus to the Raghee Horner’s Workspace Bundle + Live Trading by Simpler Trading. You can see how she applies all the tools in the real-time trading charts. The hands-on experiences are what Raghee Horner can help you gain through her detailed instructions. The best tips for profitable trading you gain in the course are extracted from more than 20 years of trading of Raghee. 

The Indicators Instructed In The Raghee Horner’s Workspace Bundle + Live Trading by Simpler Trading are: 

  • VWAP Max Indicator 

You can use it on ThinkorSwim and TradeStation, for better understanding of the average price level, so that you can catch up with it in the trading market. 

  • The VScore Indicator 

The tool will help pinpoint the big money flow, support and resistance, for the accuracy of market trend projection. 

  • VScore Bands 

You can apply this tool to day trading and intraday trading for the consistency of profitability, through the abilities to locate support and resistance. 

  • Volume Profile 

You will gain illuminating insights into the point of control, value area high, and value area low, etc. with the aid of this tool. 

  • The JT Multi Trend

The tool will help you have the hawk’s eyes to spot the hints for bullish, bearish and neutral trends, for the development of viable strategies. 

  • ST_Propulsion Indicator

 It helps you easily see the cyclical changes in the market trends, price actions, etc. through the visualisation functions of this tool. 

  • GRaB and Wave Premium

How to work on the market trends, market momentum, and so on is openly shared so that you can find out the best strategies to work on your trades. 

  • ST_Darvas Box

It has been considered as one of the powerful tools for you to day trade and swing trade profitably in such a volatile market. 

About Raghee Horner 

Raghee Horner

Raghee Horner has been a distinguished trader in many trading instruments, such as Forex, Futures, ETFs, and so on. Beginning to trade at the age of 15, Raghee Horner has been a professional trader for more than 20 years now. Her methods and strategies can help her achieve high profitability and maintain it in many years. She is now the Managing Director of Futures Trading, and also the beloved instructor at Simpler Trading. 

About Simpler Trading 

Simpler Trading has been founded by John Carter since 1999. For more than two decades of foundation and development, Simpler Trading has been known as one of the top trading educational platforms. There are many trading instruments instructed in the courses of Simpler Trading, such as options, stocks, futures, forex, ETFs, cryptocurrencies, and so on. The team of Simpler Trading instructors includes the top experts in the trading markets, such as Danielle Shay, Raghee Horner, David Starr, and so on. 

For further information about Raghee Horner’s Workspace Bundle + Live Trading by Simpler Trading, in terms of price, samples, etc. or other courses/books sharing the same topic, you can reach out to our support team via Email, Skype or live chat on our website.

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